Backing & Accessories


Fleece FabricIn order to make the patch look better, a piece of white or black fleece fabric is added on the back of the embroidered patch to cover the stitches on the back.

PVC Plastic BackingA plastic backing is applied to patches for stabilization and sew-on purposes.

Heat Seal or Iron OnBy heat seal backing, a patch can be ironed onto a garment.

Peel & StickIf a special adhesive is applied to emblems, you can simply peel off a wax paper protective back and temporarily paste the patch to garments.

Velcro or Hook and LoopThe Velcro “hook” fabric can be cut to the emblem’s shape and then sewn to the back of the emblem. The Velcro “loop” part can be sewn on garments or cut to any shape. Velcro Chart

Emblem Braided Button LoopA braided button loop is sewn onto the top back of the emblem for attaching to pocket buttons.

Butterfly ClipGold or silver plated metal “butterfly tie tack & clips” or sometimes called “butterfly clutches” are attached to the backs of the emblems.

Magnetic BackingMagnetic backs are attached on the backs of emblems for breast pocket or refrigerator magnetic advertising use.

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